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23 marca

Local Solutions to Rebuild Oldest Cuban City in Hurricane Matthew's Wake

BARACOA, Cuba, Mar 23 (IPS) - Clearings with fallen trees in the surrounding forests, houses still covered with tarpaulins and workers repairing the damage on the steep La Farola highway are (...)

23 marca

Disabled Caribbeans Find Freedom in Technology

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Mar 23 (IPS) - Visually impaired Kerryn Gunness is excited about the possibilities offered by a new free app that would serve as his eyes and enable people like him to (...)

23 marca

Together We are Stronger Against Police Violence

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Mar 22 (IPS) - As a relative of a young man killed by the police in Kingston, Jamaica, many people have asked me how my family copes with the pain, with having lost a part of (...)

21 marca

At UN event, people with Downs Syndrome ‘speak up’ to influence government policy and action

Today, the call that people with Down Syndrome be included to fully and equally participate in all aspects of society echoed widely throughout United Nations Headquarters in New (...)

21 marca

Despite progress, world’s most marginalized still left behind – UN development report

A flagship United Nations report launched today finds that although the average human development improved significantly since 1990, progress is uneven, with systemic discrimination against (...)

17 marca

‘Constant surveillance’ needed to tackle resurgent outbreak of avian influenza – UN agency

The United Nations food security agency called today for rapid detection and response systems to address a new and potentially lethal outbreak of avian influenza in (...)

25 marca

South Africa: ANC Defers Divisive Land Debate to a Special NEC

[News24Wire] The ANC will hold a special National Executive Committee meeting to discuss the divisive land issue, also expected to be used as a rallying call ahead of its December elective (...)

25 marca

Sierra Leone: President Koroma Launches National Land Policy

[Sierra Leone Government] By State House Communication Unit

24 marca

Uganda: Minister Calls for Unity in Kanungu

[Monitor] Kanungu -The State minister for Lands, Dr Chris Baryomunsi, has rallied the people of Kanungu to reconcile and re-unite for the social and economic development of the (...)

24 marca

Kenya: Kenya Needs to Up Its Game to Get TB Under Control

[The Conversation Africa] Tuberculosis is a global health threat. Newer tools to test for the disease are already in use, changing the landscape to ensure the disease is caught earlier and that (...)

24 marca

South Africa: Energy On Handover of Green Technologies in Vryburg

[SA Govt] Greening Technologies handover to Tygerkloof Combined School, switch-on of Naledi Substation and visit to Smart Grid Intervention Project in the Naledi Local (...)

24 marca

South Africa: Latest Transmission Patterns for Drug Resistant TB Pose New Challenge

[The Conversation Africa] The emergence of drug resistant tuberculosis has resulted in scientists taking a more aggressive and urgent approach to research into the development of the (...)

22 marca

Pursuing higher economic returns to extractive investment

Across large swaths of the developing world, a new trend is taking hold: governments are targeting public and private investments in specific geographic areas in the hopes of creating spatial (...)

21 marca

Ten signs of an impending global land rights revolution

The development community has experienced various “revolutions” over the years – from microfinance to women’s rights, from the green revolution to sustainable development. Each of these awakenings (...)

20 marca

Women, cities, and opportunity: Making the case for secure land rights

Also available in: Français Land and property lie at the center of many of today’s pressing development challenges. Consider that at most 10% of land in rural Africa is reliably registered. At (...)

12 grudnia 2014

Development blog: What We Can Learn from Service Guarantees on the London Tube

A few days ago, my colleague Jenny Kendra was delayed on the London Tube. Jenny wrote “Major delays on the District Line due to a signal problem at East Putney. Stuck on Tube at present, not (...)

12 grudnia 2014

Development blog: Time for the BIG Idea in the Developing World

There is growing support in the rich world for a basic-income guarantee (BIG), in which the government would provide a fixed cash transfer to every adult, poor or not. In 2015, for example, the (...)

11 grudnia 2014

Rethinking US Foreign Assistance: A Big Year for MCC: The Board Picks Five Countries for New Partnerships

The votes are in! Yesterday, MCC’s board of directors met to select countries for FY2015 compact and threshold program eligibility. Last week, I made some predictions about the choices the board (...)

21 kwietnia 2016

One Year After Nepal Earthquake, a Nation Still Struggling to Recover

By Edward Anderson and Nandita BaruahOn April 25, 2015, a 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, followed by an even more devastating quake two weeks later resulting in almost 9,000 deaths, 8 million people (...)

21 kwietnia 2016

Korean Elections: A Model of Best Practice

By Tim MeisburgerLast week, South Koreans went to the polls to elect new National Assembly representatives, with results showing that the governing party led by President Park Geun-hye has lost (...)

21 kwietnia 2016

Civil Society Takes on the Haze Crisis in Indonesia

By R. Alam Surya Putra and Tessa ToumbourouThe Indonesian province of Riau declared a state of emergency last month as haze from agricultural fires across Sumatra continued to envelope the (...)

23 marca

Live event podcast: A new approach to inclusive growth

This panel event brings together key figures driving forward the transformation agenda to discuss what is economic transformation.

23 marca

Alex Thier on Newsweek's foreign service podcast

The president's budget proposals would see spending on aid and 'soft power' slashed in favour of defence.

22 marca

Obstacles to WASH

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are essential for both human survival and sustainable development. How can we ensure that everyone has access to these basic (...)

22 marca

The numbers are in: Water is key to poverty reduction and health

Celebrating World Water Day with the World Bank Today, on World Water Day, we are humbled by the fact that over 663 million people on the planet still live without access to safe drinking water; (...)

22 marca

It’s not all about toilets: Debunking 7 myths about urban sanitation on World Water Day

Today, on World Water Day, which this year is dedicated to wastewater, we’d like to seize the occasion to debunk some of the myths that prevent sector experts and city managers all over the world (...)

21 marca

The “5Ds”: Changing attitudes to open defecation in India

In the village of Bharsauta in Uttar Pradesh, India, construction worker Vishwanath lives with his wife, four children and their elderly parents. Three years ago, the government paid to build a (...)