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18 września

Rohingya: A Trail of Misfortune

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh, Sep 18 (IPS) - Forsaken and driven out by their home country Myanmar, tens of thousands of Rohingyas are struggling to survive in Bangladesh's border districts (...)

18 września

Africa’s “Must-Do, Can-Do” Decade

VIENNA, Sep 18 (IPS) - Since 2000 the continent of Africa has recorded impressive rates of economic growth. This remarkable performance has been largely driven by the prolonged commodity boom and (...)

18 września

Islamic Organization Promotes Cultural Rapprochement Between US & Muslim World

NEW YORK, Sep 18 (IPS) - The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), by virtue of its position of being the second largest international organization outside the UN system with 57 member (...)

15 września

Global hunger rising again, driven by conflict and climate change – UN report

The number of people hungry around the world is up for the first time in more than a decade, says a new United Nations report issued today, pointing to violent conflicts and climate change as the (...)

5 września

In Ethiopia, UN agency chiefs say more investment is needed to bolster drought-prone areas

More investment is needed in long-term projects to protect people in developing countries from droughts, the heads of the United Nations food agencies today said after a visit to Ethiopia where (...)

30 sierpnia

In conflict-affected Nigeria, UN agency teams with health workers to help the displaced

Skilled health personnel are desperately needed in north-eastern Nigeria, the United Nations population agency today said, after training hundreds of health providers in Borno State on the basics (...)

18 września

South Africa: What Is a Fair Price for Expropriated Land?

[GroundUp] Can landowners be compensated less than the market value for their land when it is expropriated for their labour tenants? This question came before the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on (...)

18 września

Tanzania: Dar Strives to Reduce Survey Fee

[Daily News] LAND owners will soon enjoy affordable surveying services by private companies, thanks to the government initiative to create competitive environment among service (...)

18 września

Tanzania: Govt Asked to Repossess Idle Land

[Citizen] The government has been requested to repossess more than 64,000 hectares of land owned by Bioshape Tanzania Ltd and restore it to Kilwa District villagers after the investor failed to (...)

16 września

East Africa: World Hunger Increases for First Time in a Decade, Topping 800 Million in 2016

[Deutsche Welle] After steady progress fighting hunger, the United Nations announced an increase in the number of chronically hungry people for the first time in over 10 years. Some 11 percent of (...)

15 września

Zimbabwe: Equipment Firm Empowers Farmers

[The Herald] AGRICON Equipment yesterday opened a training centre for farmers in Chinhoyi that will provide them with skills and knowledge on how to maximise yields using their highly mechanised (...)

15 września

Zimbabwe: Sustainable Health Funding Critical

[The Herald] Zimbabwe's health delivery system has been consistently financed by a mixture of funding sources ranging from Government, aid agencies and multilateral organisations, private (...)

10 kwietnia

Falling inequality: A Brazilian whodunnit

Long one of the world’s most unequal countries, Brazil surprised pundits by recording a massive reduction in household income inequality in the last couple of decades. Between 1995 and 2012, the (...)

6 kwietnia

The Bank punches above its weight. But where and why?

In October 2015, the Washington Post ran a story that compared the World Bank’s performance to that of other bilateral and multilateral development finance institutions. It identified the Bank as (...)

4 kwietnia

Are girls smarter than boys?

Parents are 2.5 times more likely to google “Is my son gifted?” than “Is my daughter gifted?” A gap like this—in perceptions and expectations—is not new. Myths about ‘gendered’ learning gaps have (...)

12 grudnia 2014

Development blog: What We Can Learn from Service Guarantees on the London Tube

A few days ago, my colleague Jenny Kendra was delayed on the London Tube. Jenny wrote “Major delays on the District Line due to a signal problem at East Putney. Stuck on Tube at present, not (...)

12 grudnia 2014

Development blog: Time for the BIG Idea in the Developing World

There is growing support in the rich world for a basic-income guarantee (BIG), in which the government would provide a fixed cash transfer to every adult, poor or not. In 2015, for example, the (...)

11 grudnia 2014

Rethinking US Foreign Assistance: A Big Year for MCC: The Board Picks Five Countries for New Partnerships

The votes are in! Yesterday, MCC’s board of directors met to select countries for FY2015 compact and threshold program eligibility. Last week, I made some predictions about the choices the board (...)

21 kwietnia 2016

One Year After Nepal Earthquake, a Nation Still Struggling to Recover

By Edward Anderson and Nandita BaruahOn April 25, 2015, a 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, followed by an even more devastating quake two weeks later resulting in almost 9,000 deaths, 8 million people (...)

21 kwietnia 2016

Korean Elections: A Model of Best Practice

By Tim MeisburgerLast week, South Koreans went to the polls to elect new National Assembly representatives, with results showing that the governing party led by President Park Geun-hye has lost (...)

21 kwietnia 2016

Civil Society Takes on the Haze Crisis in Indonesia

By R. Alam Surya Putra and Tessa ToumbourouThe Indonesian province of Riau declared a state of emergency last month as haze from agricultural fires across Sumatra continued to envelope the (...)

16 września

Resilience in practice: voices from the ground

What does resilience look like in practice and how can climate resilience programmes learn from others’ experiences?

16 września

Ending the Rohingya crisis: what will it take?

Our panellists reflect on the root causes of the Rohingya crisis and what needs to happen next to solve the immediate and long term situation.

15 września

Four steps governments can take to support the UN 'sustaining peace' agenda

'Sustaining peace’ will be a major focus at this week’s General Assembly, but how can governments drive forward this agenda?

7 kwietnia

Advancing the global dialogue on the value of water

Two weeks ago, on World Water Day (March 22), I was privileged to represent the World Bank’s Water Practice at a conference called: “Watershed: Replenishing Water Values for a Thirsty World” in (...)

6 kwietnia

A Brazilian water company goes back to nature to solve the problem of fluctuating water demand

© Andre Targa Cavassani/TNC Co-authors: Timm Kroeger Senior Environmental Economist, The Nature Conservancy Claudio Klemz Water Policy Specialist, The Nature Conservancy Balneário Camboriú is (...)

1 kwietnia

In Memoriam: our friend and colleague Piers Cross

Piers Cross, one of the most influential global activists in the water sector, passed away on March 29, 2017. Piers Cross worked in the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) for over 20 (...)