19 August 2008 ● Dominik Paszkiewicz

Drunk driving at G8

Oxfam’s Kate Raworth gives her take on the achievements of the G8 summit and compares the outcome to intentional drunk driving... "After today’s G8 summit we agreed to set the aim for a reduction of the entire global emissions of gases to 50 per cent by 2050, as a target to be taken up by the entire world". This was Japan’s Prime Minister Fukuda speaking on behalf of the G8 leaders last Tuesday. What an extraordinary situation: (...) »

8 July 2008 ● Dominik Paszkiewicz

Labour market discrimination still a big problem in OECD countries

Women are 20% less likely than men to have a paid job in OECD countries and they earn on average 17% less than men, according to the latest edition of OECD’s Employment Outlook. At least 30% of the gap in wages and 8% of the gap in employment rates result from discriminatory practices in the labour market. The need to step up efforts to fight labour market discrimination is one of the main messages of the 2008 Employment Outlook. (...) »

10 April 2008 ● Dominik Paszkiewicz

When is a promise not a promise?

If the world leaders were to meet their promises to provide US$50 million by 2010, it could help pay for more classrooms, teachers and health workers. We all break promises every now and then. There can’t be that many of us out there who’ve promised to show up for a friend’s birthday, or a get-together with the grandparents, knowing full-well we had no intention of going in the first place. Politicians are no exception. (...) »

10 April 2008 ● Dominik Paszkiewicz

Africa - So Far Yet So Close in Łódź - April 24-26

Africa - So Far Yet So Close in Łódź by European Students Forum AEGEE Łódź. 1. Definition of a problem The sixties were for Africa and its inhabitants the most important times in their completely young history. It was a period when more and more countries started opposing colonial dominance choosing independence as the most desiring step toward social and economic development. Next years showed that the independence was not an (...) »

14 February 2008 ● Dominik Paszkiewicz

Like it or lump it – the truth behind EU aid

What follows is a true story. An EU consultancy wins a contract in the western Balkans. It is stipulated that a specialised engineer with at least 15 years’ experience must be one of the key senior experts for the entire duration of the project, of around 80 days. The consultancy receives for this expert’s services around €800 per day, lump. ‘Lump’ means all expenses (accommodation, food, etc) are included. It is administratively (...) »

11 January 2008

Who Should Europe Aid, And How - interview with K. Richelle

ATHENS, Sep 17 (IPS) - The challenge of distributing and managing aid is inevitably controversial. And with the EU the largest aid donor in the world, the decisions it takes are hugely significant. EU aid goes out through member countries, and through the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU. European Commission aid is managed by EuropeAid, which makes its managing director Koos Richelle a key figure in the aid world. (...) »

28 December 2007

International conference “Fair Trade: a lever for change”

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office* and Euro Coop are pleased to invite you to the international conference “Fair Trade: a lever for change”, on Wednesday 17th October 2007 in Brussels. The contribution of Fair Trade to sustainable development, poverty reduction and consumer awareness raising has been repeatedly recognized by European Institutions. This conference will discuss how the EU can successfully combine its (...) »

28 December 2007

Transboundary Water Management for the Lake Victoria region

The international training programme on Transboundary Water Management for the Lake Victoria region, is aiming at decision makers, planners, specialists and managers involved in transboundary processes from relevant Ministries and Government departments, international water commissions, research organizations, NGO’s and consultancy firms. The general programme objective is to contribute to an improved ability of the (...) »

28 December 2007

Festival "Human Rights in a Movie" in Szczecin

Between 8 and 11 October will take place in Szczecin festival "Human Rights in a Movie", organized by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. During this event will be presented the most interesting documentary movies from all over the world. With the Festival are connected many of other events, like debates and workshops. All events will take place in the "Helios" Movie Center and "Malarnia" of Teatr Współczesny. The project’s (...) »

28 December 2007

Sign Oxfam petition - Health and Education for All!

Every day: 80 million children don’t go to school, and most of them are girls 8000 people die of HIV and AIDS, many because they can’t afford the drugs they need Classrooms with teachers, clinics with nurses, and affordable medicines. For millions of people, these things are still a distant dream. How can we make this dream a reality? By making sure poor countries have money and power to invest in free health and education – (...) »

28 December 2007

South Africa: Where has all the water gone?

Thandi lifts up a handful of soil and watches as it disappears through her hands. Once rich and fertile and capable of producing bountiful crops, the soil is now bone dry. “The ground used to be soft and easy to dig by hand; water was freely available just under the surface and food was plentiful; there was a lake nearby that provided fish for us to eat,” Thandi says. “But now the land is dry and hard and there is no water under the (...) »

28 December 2007

Development Policy - for the real benefits of the South societies!

Development Policy – for the real benefits of the South societies! International workshop for New Member States NGOs interested in development issues. Where/when: November 28-29, Kraków, Poland Working language: English Organised by: Polish Green Network and CEE Bankwatch Network The issue of development aid is a relatively new topic for the new EU member states. For almost the last 20 years we have been the subjects of aid due to (...) »

28 December 2007

International Training Programme of Institute of Development Policy and Management

International Training Programme of Institute of Development Policy and Management: "Governing for Development: Opportunities and Challenges for Development Actors under the new Aid Paradigm". Host Institute: Institute of Development Policy and Management of the University of Antwerp (IOB) Programme Organizers: dr. Nadia Molenaers and dr. Robrecht Renard (IOB) Period: 15th of May - 19th of June 2008 Language: English Programme (...) »

28 December 2007

MDG Monitor Tracks Progress to Development Goals

On November 1, in the UN Head Quarter in New York, a pioneering online site tracking progress towards decreasing global poverty by 2015 (global campaign known as the Millennium Development Goals - MDGs) was launched. MDG Monitor tracks progress toward the completing MDGs in number of categories in nearly every country in the world. The site presents the most current data from multiple sources in development bellwethers like public (...) »

28 December 2007

Amnesty International’s Global Letter-Writing Marathon

Between 8-9 December 2007, thousands of human rights activists around the world will take part in Amnesty International’s Global Letter-Writing Marathon. This year’s event looks set to be the biggest yet, with at least 40 countries taking part. The Marathon is held annually to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted on 10 December 1948. How you can get involved? Everyone can participate. It all (...) »

28 December 2007

GUINEA-BISSAU-SENEGAL: Coming home from the streets - Photo Essay

We recommend the photo essay "GUINEA-BISSAU-SENEGAL: Coming home from the streets" You can find it on: http://www.irinnews.org/photogallery/GWNov07/index.html »

28 December 2007

Conference "Gender in Transition"

UNDP invite You to conference serdecznie na konferencję: Gender in Transition: Men and Women in Europe and The Commonwealth of Independent States, which take place on 12 December, in Szkoła Główna Handlowa, Warszawa, Al. Niepodległości 128. Agenda of the conference include: 10.00 – 10.05 Welcoming remarks/ Introduction – Anna Darska, Head of UNDP in Poland Part I – Gender, transition, and development in the region: implications for Poland (...) »

28 December 2007

Council’s report on EU-South Africa cooperation

The Council of the EU has published report entitled "South Africa-EU Agreement-Development Cooperation Report". The Council has also published a report from the Development Cooperation Negotiating Group on the revision of the Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement. COOPERATION BETWEEN THE EUROPEAN UNION AND SOUTH AFRICA The Cooperation Council Brussels, 24 October 2007 UE-ZA 4908/07 NOTE Subject : Report of the (...) »

28 December 2007

European Fair Trade Fair

Equi’Sol, with its European and French partners, is inviting you to the first European Fair Trade fair on 1, 2 and 3 February 2008 in Lyon (France). An opportunity to meet, exchange, discover and present Fair Trade products in a 4000 square meters exhibition hall, with participants from all over Europe! The fair proposes a rich and diverse programme aimed at professionals; for half of the time, it will also be opened to the broad (...) »

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