9 January 2009

Polish aid for Gaza conflict victims

2009-01-05 Polish humanitarian organizations are providing emergency aid to the victims of the armed conflict in the Gaza Strip. Caritas Poland has allocated 20 thousand dollars, mainly for medical aid provided by Caritas Jerusalem in its permanent health care centers. The money is used also to organize more first aid stations. Caritas Poland started a fund raiser among Poles to finance help for people who have suffered in the (...) »

7 April 2008 ● Dominik Paszkiewicz

Aid Watch workshop - story

18-19th of March took place in Kraków Aid Watch workshop organized by Polish Green Network within the Action for Global South programme. 19 people experienced in national development policy monitoring participants from Poland, Czech and Slovakia took part in the workshop. Three platforms – Polish, Czech and Slovak one – support the organization of the workshop and helped in mapping relevant participants. The workshop actually had a (...) »

28 December 2007

New strategy for Polish foreign assistance

The decision to initiate works on the new strategy for Polish foreign assistance has been made in relation to expanding the scope of Polish activities undertaken in the field of foreign assistance (traditionally limited to development assistance sensu stricto), so that it also includes activities promoting democracy in Eastern European countries. Some new international circumstances have also come to existence, namely closer (...) »

28 December 2007

Public Opinion Polls

We would like to present the results of the opinion poll commissioned by the Development Co-operation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conducated by TNS OBOP in December 2006 and in December 2005. According to 75% of Poles, Poland should support the development of poorer countries. This opinion is common across all socio-demographic groups. Support for Polish development assistance activities has risen by 12 (...) »

28 December 2007

Polish Development Assistance

Development assistance is a response of developed countries to the problem of poverty that a considerable number of countries in the 21st century face. Poor countries are not capable of developing solely on their own, therefore they rely on assistance offered by other countries and international institutions. The overcoming of the global development gap is a challenge for today. Hunger and poverty problems require global (...) »

28 December 2007

Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals were adopted in the Millennium Declaration by the heads of 189 states at the United Nations Organisation’s summit in the year 2000. The eight Millennium Development Goals constitute the international community’s commitment to reduce poverty and hunger worldwide, to achieve equal status of women and men, improve the state of health, improve the educational conditions, combat AIDS, protect the natural (...) »

28 December 2007

Development Cooperation in New EU Member States

For the post-socialist countries which have been integrated into the EU, development cooperation including civil society participation became obligatory. In these countries, which have undergone radical changes of their societies, political change implied an abrupt end to politically motivated internationalism. Yet for many years the old concepts were not replaced by alternative ones – the transformation process absorbed capacities. (...) »

28 December 2007

CONCORD Aid Watch Report 2007

Hold the applause! EU governments risk breaking aid promises! At the 1970 General Assembly of the UN a target was set for rich countries to give at least 0.7% of their Gross National Income (GNI) as aid to developing countries. Yet today only 5 countries worldwide (Denmark, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden) have reached this target. In 2002, at the Monterrey Conference on Financing for Development, and again in 2005, (...) »

28 December 2007

Development Co-operation Poland - 2006

We encourage to read the report of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs connected with Polish development assistance for Global South countries in 2006 - Development Co-operation Poland. Annual Report 2006. You can find the report attached below. »

28 December 2007

Development education

Development education aims to deepen understanding of global poverty and encourage people towards action for a more just and equal world. As such, it can build support for efforts by government and civil society to promote a development agenda and it can prompt action at a community and individual level. Such support is increasingly important as the Polish Government and other donors commit significant additional resources in the (...) »

28 December 2007

Polish Development Assistance - Independent research conducted by NGOs

We recommend the report "Polish Development Assistance - Independent research conducted by non-governmental organizations", elaborated by Zagranica Group. Why the report is worth reading? Far form the spotlight and on the margin of the mainstream of Polish politics there is a process going on whose results – both for Poland and for other countries – will be more significant than many current events attracting public (...) »

28 December 2007

European strategy on development education and awareness raising

Common European strategy has been released in November 2007 during the Development Daysin Lisbon. It aims to provide a framework for the development of Development Education and awareness raising at local, regional, national and European levels. As said Louis Michel, Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid: "this consensus on development education is as important as the European Consensus on Development. Young people (...) »

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