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fair trade

20 października 2014

A World's First - 100% Fair Trade Chocolate Factory Opens in Christchurch

Life in Christchurch, Zew Zealand is to become a whole lot sweeter with the opening of Trade Aid’s new chocolate...

1 września 2014

Press Release: The World Fair Trade Organization Product Label proves fashion is a force for change

24th April 2014 was the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory building collapse that shook the fashion industry. This autumn...

28 sierpnia 2014

Invitation to the WFTO Asia Regional Conference, 17-18 October, Seoul, South Korea

Interested in the Fair Trade movement in Asia and what is the latest there? You are invited to the WFTO...

24 września 2018

International Fair Trade Charter Defines Vision for a Fairer World

What is Fair Trade? 300+ organizations around the world are uniting to launch an International Fair Trade Charter

25 sierpnia 2018

What does it mean to be FTF Verified?

The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a community of verified businesses that are dedicated to holistic, 360° fair trade. Commitment to 360° fair trade means the entire business is socially and (...)

24 sierpnia 2018

2018-2019 Fair Trade Wholesale Guide

Support Good Business. Sell Fair Trade.

2 września

Is fair trade finished? – podcast

Fairtrade changed the way we shop. But major companies have started to abandon it and set up their own in-house imitations – threatening the very idea of fair trade. By Samanth Subramanian (...)

29 lipca

The Fairtrade mark is still trustworthy | Letter

Joy and Richard Webb respond to recent negative coverage about the fair trade movement As committed and hardworking supporters of fair trade for almost 30 years, we feel your correspondents (...)

26 lipca

Unsavoury truths about fair trade | Letters

Tim Gossling and Bob Caldwell advise checking the smallprint and question how trustworthy the movement is The death of fair trade (Journal, 23 July) can partly be laid at the door of the EU. Its (...)