Women and Youths activisation in Volta Region, Ghana

Project of Polish Green Network - "Social and economical activisation of women and youths within the framework of sustainable development of Volta region in Ghana" is co-financed by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Project is beeing realised in co-operation with one of the bigest African NGO - Friends of the Earth-Ghana (FOE Ghana).

We elaborated actions, which support social and economical role of women and youths in Vakpo region, near eastern Ghana border. One of the project’s goal is to prevent HIV virus dissemination.

What we do?

* we organised 2 series of trainings in batiku pattern-designing for 100 womens,

* in the place of Tafi Mador is beeing build and equipped a school for 180 children in the age of 6-11,

* trainings connected with HIV/AIDS prevention for 100 people,

* informational-educational campaign is being conducted with the framework of sexually transmitted diseases.

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