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We would like to present the results of the opinion poll commissioned by the Development Co-operation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conducated by TNS OBOP in December 2006 and in December 2005.

According to 75% of Poles, Poland should support the development of poorer countries. This opinion is common across all socio-demographic groups.

Support for Polish development assistance activities has risen by 12 percentage points over the last two years. Gradually, there are fewer and fewer people who declare a negative attitude towards involvement of Poland in development assistance activities.

Moral obligation to support poorer countries, together with the need to give back assistance received by Poland in the past, were the most commonly mentioned reasons explaining why Poland should be involved in development co-operation activities.

Among people who are reluctant to involvement of Poland in supporting less developed countries, the dominating idea is that our priority should be solving our own problems, and that Poland is not rich enough to be able to offer assistance to other countries. Nonetheless, the argument saying that Poland is not wealthy enough gradually looses importance according to public opinion.

When asked about the number of countries that are poorer and less developed than Poland, respondents pointed out 76 out of 200 countries in the world (while Poland is among the top forty countries according to the Human Development Index, and is among the first fifty countries in terms of national income per capita).

22% of Poles declare that they have heard about the Millennium Development Goals.

In the opinion of Poles, the biggest challenges on the path to the development of less developed countries are infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS), military conflicts and other internal conflicts as well as access to potable water.

Two areas that are most often pointed out as those where Polish contribution can be greatest are education and health care.

Among preferable ways of providing development assistance to poorer countries respondents have chosen giving foreign students from those countries an opportunity to study in Poland, sending volunteers, investments of Polish companies in these countries, and also further opening up of our market to goods coming from developing countries.

In the opinion of Poles, Poland should focus its development assistance activities on African countries as a priority region, followed by our Eastern neighbours, namely Belarus and Ukraine.

The majority of Poles state that development assistance should be mainly provided by international organisations and NGOs specializing in these activities.

Poles refer to youth exchange programmes, support for independent television and radio stations broadcasting from abroad, as the best means to promote democracy in countries with non-democratic governments. Another very useful means to achieve that goal, according to the respondents, is raising the issues of promoting democracy at the international organisations forums.

Tree-fourths of Poles would agree that the Polish government devote some part of their taxes for development assistance to poorer countries. 55% of Polish citizens approve of the government assigning monthly PLN 3 or more out of their tax payments to development assistance provided to poorer and less developed countries.

See: POLES ABOUT DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE Findings of a TNS OBOP opinion poll commissioned by the Development Co-operation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs December 2006

Individuals interested in obtaining raw and/or semi-raw data (i.e. full report of TNS OBOP and/or database with responses) - for research, academic or teaching purposes - are requested to contact Development Co-operation Department of the MFA at


In December 2005, the UNDP commissioned TNS OBOP to hold a public opinion poll entitled “The Opinions of Polish People on Development Assistance”. The majority of the respondents expressed the opinion that Poland should support the development of less developed countries (12% stated that it definitely should, 57% that it rather should). This idea was opposed by merely 25% of the respondents.

Information taken from:,Opinion,Polls,197.html

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