Polish Humanitarian Organisation’s Mission to Iraq

Since the beginning of July 2003 a fixed Mission of Polish Humanitarian Organisation (PHO) was on duty in Iraq. It’s office was placed in Al Hillah – a town in the province of Babil.

There were between two and three workers of PHO on the Mission, projects were carried out also by local workers. Over the ten months of their activity they managed to realise projets with a total value of 1,700 thousand USD – 26 educational establishments were renovated (16 schools, 10 Youth Centres), 6 water intakes repaired, 8 schools built, a children’s playground got equipped and some holiday trips for children from Al-Hillah were organised.

Majority of funds the Foundation gained from international insitutions and organizations. With regard to the situation in Iraq, on the 7th May 2004 the Mission was suspended. Some projects are still being realised, but because of saftey reasons they are being coordinated from Poland and Jordan.

Donors and partners

The start of the PHO`s mission has been possible thanks to the support our Organisation received from Polish society, PKN Orlen and CampuS. PKN Orlen sponsored our reconnaissance mission to Iraq, and CampuS equipped its members.

The visit of the reconnaissance mission was also possible thanks to enormous help of the Polsih Embassy in Kuwait.

The activities of the mission in Iraq are also supported by:

* CAI – school renovation sponsoring,

* USAID – we are negotiating help in reconstruction of Youth Centres,

* Polish Army, thanks to which we could transport the aid for the Babylon Maternity & Children Hospital and for a school in Al Hillah.

Information taken from: http://www.pah.org.pl/15097.html

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