PAH organizuje STAND-up 17 września!

Włącz się w STAND-up organizowany przez PAH o 16.00 w piątek, 17-go września w Pasażu Wiecha w Warszawie.

Pokażmy, że nie będziemy tkwić w milczeniu w obliczu światowego ubóstwa! Domagajmy się realizacji Milenijnych Celów Rozwoju!

Zabierz ze sobą bęben, gwizdek, puste butelki – cokolwiek, co pomoże nam sprawić, by 17-go września o światowym ubóstwie było GŁOŚNO!

Jak z MDGs wywiązuje się społeczność międzynarodowa?

W dniach 20-22 września 2010 w Nowym Jorku odbędzie się Szczyt ONZ podsumowujący realizację Milenijnych Celów Rozwoju. Do czasu pełnej realizacji globalnych MDGs zostało 5 lat. Nadszedł czas zestawienia dotychczasowych osiągnięć i opracowania globalnego, konkretnego i przełomowego planu umożliwiającego osiągnięcie Milenijnych Celów Rozwoju we wszystkich krajach.

W dni poprzedzające Szczyt ONZ odbywa się globalna akcja "STAND UP Against Poverty: Make Nosie about MDGs", która wyraża oczekiwania i żądania ludności całego świata, by polepszyć życie najuboższych.

Komentarze (zapraszamy do dyskusji):

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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body" data-component="trackCWV">

This cast photo mostly shows a bunch of guys.
When the official "Star Wars VII" cast was announced Tuesday, fans everywhere finally relaxed
upon learning all the main original-trilogy actors would be
returning for the new film. Along with the likes of Harrison Ford as Han Solo
and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, we also learned the names of new additions like Max von Sydow and Andy Serkis.

But only two women were named to major roles:
Carrie Fisher reprising her role as Princess Leia and
an as-yet-unnamed part for Daisy Ridley, a relative newcomer.
That leaves us with a male-heavy cast, a fact that and lamented.

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The the scales might become just slightly more balanced,
however, citing "sources" who say the casting process isn’t over
and that at least one major female role is still waiting to be filled.
This could bring more balance to the galactic gender equation.

It also means the "Star Wars VII" casting rumors aren’t quite
over yet. Feel free to speculate about who might be called upon to fill this
mysterious slot. Perhaps sosial4d agen judi terbaik Dench
has some free time in her schedule...

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Iran has put what it says is the debris of a US drone it shot down over the Gulf in June on display in a special exbition in Tehran

Iran shot down an unidentified drone that "infiltrated" near Bandar-e Mahshahr port on the
Gulf coast Friday, Iranian media reported, after the downing of a US drone nearly
triggered air strikes earlier this year.

state broadcaster, aired a short video purporting to show the interception of the drone by an Iranian anti-missile

The six second sequence showed the luminous nighttime trail of what appeared to be a missile before an explosion at very low altitude.

But the video was not broadcast by state TV’s Farsi channel
IRINN, which largely ignored the story.

Relevant units acted "in response to a violation of our airspace by a drone (that) infiltrated", IRIBNEWS reported, citing
Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard, commander in chief of aerial defence.

"The drone was shot down before it could reach sensitive sites thanks to the great vigilance of our unified aerial defence system," he

Earlier, the semi-official ISNA news agency
reported that aerial defence had "destroyed an unidentified drone" which
flew through the skies of Bandar-e Mahshahr in Khuzestan province.

Located near Iraq, Bandar-e
Mahshahr and the neighbouring port of bandar togel sydney-e Emam-Khomeiny is
a key zone for petrochemical activity.

The army downed
the unmanned aircraft over Khuzestan province before dawn using
a Mersad surface-to-air missile, reported the Tasnim news agency,
which is close to Iran’s ultra-conservatives and generally well informed on defence matters.

- Debris examined -

Citing provincial governor Gholamreza Shariati,
it reported that the armed forces had located the wreckage
of the drone in a marshy area and opened an inquiry into the

Tasnim cited "unofficial"
sources saying the missile that destroyed the drone had been fired "as part of a nighttime combat exercise aiming to test aerial defence systems".

The agency later deleted those details from its site.

According to state news agency IRNA,
Shariati said the "unknown drone... (belonged) without doubt to a foreign country."

The accidental crash of an Iranian drone in the same province on October 23 prompted newspaper
reports that an unidentified foreign aircraft had been shot

The conservative Fars news agency later revealed that the drone that crashed in October was Iranian and had been forced to make an emergency landing.

The incidents come amid soaring tensions between Tehran and Washington since
President Donald Trump unilaterally abandoned
a landmark 2015 nuclear deal last year and reimposed crippling sanctions.

Trump in June
authorised a military strike after Iran shot down a US drone, only to call off the retaliation at the last moment.

Washington insisted the aircraft was
in international airspace, but Iran said it was over its territorial waters.

The crisis deepened with the September 14 attacks on energy giant Aramco’s Abqaiq processing plant
and Khurais oilfield in Saudi Arabia, which halved the kingdom’s
crude output.

Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels
claimed responsibility, but the US said the attacks involved cruise missiles from Iran and
amounted to "an act of war".

Iran denied any involvement it was behind the Khurais and Abqaiq attacks.

Washington has responded with a military build-up in the Gulf and has launched
an operation with its allies to protect navigation in Gulf waters.

Since May,
the United States has increased its 70,000-strong presence in the Middle East by 14,000 personnel, according
to Pentagon figures, most of them deployed to the Gulf region.


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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body" data-component="trackCWV">

is finally making an Artemis Fowl movie based on the beloved children’s book series, almost 20 years after its original publish date.
The story’s got everything from centaurs
to criminal masterminds, and Dame bandar judi bola terbesar Dench is in the cast.
Buckle up for a twisted fairy tale.
date: When can I see it? Originally slated to release Aug.
9, the movie was later pushed back to May 29, 2020. However, due to the
spread of across the globe, the . The movie is slated to land on the subscription streaming service on June 12 in the
US, Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, France,
Netherlands and Italy.

is streaming exclusively June 12 on . Streaming in the U.S.,
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK & Ireland, France, Netherlands, and Italy.

— Eoin Colfer 🔥 (@EoinColfer)

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"Due to uncertain times, cocooned fans will join together for the movie’s release on Disney Plus," Eoin Colfer tweeted April 3. "Streaming to millions of homes is prob how Arty would have wanted it. Release date TBC, stay tuned."
The plot: What’s it all about?
Haven City, capital of the underground fairy world.


Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius who lives in a mansion in Ireland with his bodyguard. Before the story begins, his crime lord father has gone missing along with the Fowl family’s millions, and his mother has become detached from reality as a result.

For some time, Artemis has been tracking down the existence of the underground fairy world, getting his hands on a copy of its Book of the People through an alcoholic sprite in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He translates the gnommish runes and uses the information to kidnap Lower Elements Police (LEP) elite officer and fairy Holly Short, holding her to ransom in his family’s manor.

Fowl Manor in Ireland.


The hostage situation sees Artemis match wits — and his bodyguard, Butler, match physical strength — with a bunch of other characters from the fairy world, including LEPrecon Commander Julius Root, tech genius centaur Foaly and criminal kleptomaniac dwarf Mulch Diggums.

The first of the eight-book Artemis Fowl series, written by Irish author Eoin Colfer, was released almost two decades ago, in 2001 (and boy does that make me feel old).

Kenneth Branagh, the film’s director, said it’s taken a while because ."

"It’s taken quite some time to find the balance between humor and emotion and magic and the contemporary world," Branagh told ET Online in November. "You’re talking about the many kinds of fairies, elves, sprits, trolls [and] goblins that live under the Earth and at the same time, you’re looking to have a very sort of contemporary feeling modern world that embraces technology."

Branagh said he’s also trying to keep the movie to a 90-minute runtime, because he wants the film, like the books, to be "very rapid, very punchy and pacy."
The trailer: What’s it going to look like?

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"IFrame loaded: iframe_youtube with class optanon-category-C0003");

The was released on Nov. 27 and shows glimpses of Fowl Manor in Ireland, Haven City underground and the fight between Butler and the fairies, as
well as the familiar written gnommish.

"Our world has never been in more danger," Dench narrates.
"Human greed is what drove us underground all those years ago — to escape from your rapacious appetite."

Disney dropped its full-length Artemis Fowl
trailer on March 2, revealing Colin Farrell will be playing the father
who goes missing at the start of the story. in combat and intelligence —
and Artemis knowing nothing about the fairy world until his father’s work is revealed to him by bodyguard Butler.

It’s the first time Farrell has appeared in any Artemis
Fowl materials, with the movie’s delay possibly linked to reshoots
with the Irish actor. 
Cast and
crew: Who’s in it?
Dame Judi Dench as Commander Root in Artemis Fowl.


There are some pretty big names attached to this movie,
with Dench starring as a reimagined female version of Commander Root and Branagh
directing. Branagh said the decision to cast Dench was an "uninformed hunch" that she would be great in such a different

Disney favorite Josh Gad, who voiced
Olaf in  as well as shining as LeFou in 2017’s ,
will fill the role of Mulch Diggims.

Nonso Anozie, who you might recognize as Xaro Xhoan Daxos from the second season of — and
whose Disney resume includes playing the captain of the guards in , also directed by
Branagh, will play Artemis’ bodyguard and confidante,

The two main character roles,
Artemis Fowl and Holly Short, will be filled by newcomers.

Fowl will be played by young Irish actor Ferdia Shaw, and Short
will be played by Lara McDonnell, who’s held
small roles in various UK dramas.

Music will be by Patrick Doyle, who for Disney has
also written the scores for the Cinderella remake, and .

According to :
as Commander Root
as Mulch
Ferdia Shaw as Artemis Fowl
Lara McDonnell as Holly Short
as Domovoi
as Foaly
as Briar Cudgeon

Tamara Smart as Juliet Butler
Chi-Lin Nim as Trouble Kelp
as Chix Verbil as
Angeline Fowl
as the goblin chief
as Beachwood Short
a LEPrecon private
Rebecca Hodgkiss as a LEPrecon officer

as Mrs Byrne
as Dr. Po
as a news anchor
as a goblin lieutenant

Jean-Paul Ly as Nguyen

a report by The Observer that he would
have a .

"I walked across a field with a lot of other people," he told The Observer.
It wasn’t too taxing, although I did manage to get it wrong a few times.
The only direction they gave was: ’Walk across the field and don’t
look at the camera.’ I must have looked at the
camera about 20 times. I have a new respect for actors." 
: What will change from the books?
Ferdia Shaw plays Artemis Fowl.


"My great idea was to copy Eoin Colfer and to
not get in the way," Branagh said last year. However, he said he added "a couple of things" to the movie, but he reassures that Colfer has not only liked the ideas but also said they may even be added to the reissue of the books.

But the new trailer released March 2020 shows a number of big changes to the story — including Artemis only discovering the fairy world when Butler shows him Artemis Fowl Senior’s secret collection of artifacts.

"I had enough
strength of character to resist meddling," Colfer told Publishers Weekly in an interview published Oct. 22, 2019. "I
did not offer any suggestions unless I was asked to.

It helped that , who is a brilliant playwright."

Upcoming Disney movies and TV series

With several characters reimagined, Holly Short — who didn’t even appear in the teaser trailer, but introduced herself as Artemis’ "ally" in the full-length trailer — will of course no longer be the first female member of the LEPrecon, thanks to the leadership of Dench’s Commander Root, the switch of Trouble Kelp to a female character and the casting of other female LEPrecon officers.

It’s also been , given the casting of a character named Beachwood Short.

We finally got our in pictures of the Artemis Fowl 2020 calendar on Oct. 12.

If you’re looking for your Fowl fix sooner, fear not: Colfer just released the first book in a new series called . It’s based on Artemis’ younger brothers Myles and Beckett, who become entangled in the fairy world at age 11. The  and was published by Disney Books.

Originally published Aug. 21.
Update, Oct. 17: adds more info on cast, pictures from calendar; Nov. 4: adds comment from Colfer about the film being written by McPherson; Dec. 16: adds info about Colfer’s cameo; March 2, 2020: Adds new trailer and details of story being flipped from the books; April 3: Movie set to skip theaters and release on Disney Plus; April 17: Adds Disney Plus release date. 

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By Lananh Nguyen
NEW YORK, Oct 4 (Reuters) -
Bank of America Corp plans to deposit an additional $situs togel bet 100 rupiah million into banks that focus on minority communities, the company said on Tuesday.

The program doubles Bank of America’s earlier pledge to deposit $100 million in minority depository institutions, or MDIs, that are mostly owned by minority individuals.

The second-biggest U.S. lender has expanded its racial equality initiatives in recent years, making $42.5 million in equity investments in 22 MDIs and Community Development Financial
Institutions, and taking equity stakes of
less than 5% of each lender.
For the smaller
lenders, the influx of deposits "expands their capacity to make loans" for housing or businesses, D.

Steve Boland, Bank of America’s chief administrative officer,
said in an interview. "What we would hope is our example draws in others"
to make similar moves, he said.
The deposits will probably range from $1 million to $10
million, Boland said.
Optus Bank, Southern Bancorp and City First Bank are among the lenders
that will receive deposits.
"MDIs are a critical resource to minority and underserved communities,"
providing banking services, creating jobs and helping businesses, Boland said separately in a statement.

banking giants have expanded their racial-equity pledges in the years after 2020, when the killing of George
Floyd, a Black man, by a police officer sparked global protests.
(Reporting by Lananh Nguyen; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman and Chizu Nomiyama)

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The new King was openly emotional in ’a way that the Crown has never
been seen before,’ during his first address to the nation tonight, according to a body language expert.
Judi James told MailOnline how Charles, 73, did away with the
traditional ’stiff upper lip’ during the speech, in order to allow himself
to share his grief with the nation during the address, which
was screened at a service of prayer and reflection at St Paul’s Cathedral.
According to situs judi online, the monarch ’radiated pride and confidence’ during the emotional speech,
which was recorded from the Buckingham Palace Blue Drawing Room. 
She added that Charles spoke with both the vulnerability of a loving son when he addressed his late mother during the
speech, but also the poise of a new King when speaking to the nation.
’The new King’s body language was
openly emotional in a way that the crown never has never been seen before,’
Judi said, adding it was was departure from Charles’ previous body
Judi James told MailOnline how
Charles, 73, gave up the ’stiff upper lip’ in order to allow himself to share his grief with the nation

 The body language expert added he was openly emotional in ’a way that the crown has
never seen before’
’Gone was the traditional stiff upper lip, stoicism and
suppressed emotions, and in their place were words and non-verbal signals
of personal love and extreme sadness,’ she added. 
Judi James added that this show of emotions echoed Charles’ tearful demeanour during the funeral of his
father the Duke of Edinburgh, in April 2021.  
’Charles had never been an expressive man until we saw his tears at his father’s funeral,’ she explained.

’That day it was Kate comforting him.
’Here, he shared his
grief with the nation but with loving references to his "darling wife Camilla",’.
She noted
that he displayed one of the only warm smiles during the otherwise
deeply sad address when he spoke of Camilla being the one he has relied on ’so much’.

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Judi also highlighted the parts of Charles’ speech in which he mentioned his sons as being very expressive. 
’There was an expression of pride and
confidence as he referenced William and Catherine,’ she noted.
’Then he
spoke of his "love for" Harry and Meghan. This comment
brought a long pause, and his eyes dropped
in a sad, regretful-looking cut-off ritual, as he seemed to allow a small sigh
before continuing to speak.’
The body language expert
said Charles grew most emotional towards the end of his speech, when he appeared to ’be
on the brink of tears. 
’As he spoke of his "darling Mama" and addressed her directly, his
eyes appeared to dampen, his voice began to falter and he needed a glance
to the side before speaking of a "flight of angels to sing thee",’ she added. 
She noted that the new King was ’hunched and partly hidden behind the table’,
noting a postural change when he changed direction in the speech.
Charles’ traditional
’stiff upper lip, stoicism and suppressed emotions’ were all gone during the speech,
according to Judi James, who said they were replaced by
’words and non-verbal signals of personal love and
extreme sadness’
According to
body language expert Judi James, during his speech (pictured) King Charles ’spoke as a
son but he also addressed the nation as the new
’He spoke as a son but he also addressed the nation as the new king,’ Judi explained.
’And it was here he
seemed to flex his shoulders as his chin jutted slightly, to suggest some determination to move forward in the post.’
But this was ’only after he had shown a very
intimate and revealing display of love to the woman [the Queen] who
had held it before’, she revealed.
Addressing his mother at the end of the speech,
King Charles said: ’To my darling Mama,
as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late
Papa, I want simply to say this: thank you. 
’Thank you for your
love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you have served
so diligently all these years. 
’May ’flights of angels sing thee to thy rest’.’
This evening’s service at
St Paul’s was attended by 2,000 members of the public who were handed tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.
Prime Minister Liz Truss gave reading at the service, having met
Charles, 73, earlier today at their first in-person meeting at Buckingham Palace.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Labour leader Keir Starmer, Chancellor
Kwasi Kwarteng and Foreign Secretary James Cleverly were all in attendance at the
service and were seated together.
Earlier in the day, huge crowds
had cheered the new monarch as he arrived at Buckingham Palace in a vintage Rolls-Royce alongside Camilla, the Queen Consort, before
he got out and began shaking hands with countless well-wishers.
In moving scenes, shouts of God Save the King broke out before an impromptu rendition of
the National Anthem, with the words changed to reflect
the new monarch.
As the sun shone on an otherwise dull, damp day, the Royal Standard
was raised above Buckingham Palace for the first time of his reign.

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was stunned by Gilles Simon in the first round of the Paris Masters.
Scot had the upper hand to begin the evening and looked poised for a straightforward victory after taking the opening set.
But Frenchman Simon staged a comeback, rallying back from a 5-3
deficit and winning four games in a row to claim the second.

And veteran Simon, who is set to
retire after this tournament, took the final set to
keep his career alive for at least one more match, winning 4-6, 7-5, 6-3.

Andy Murray wailed in frustration as he was stunned
in defeat in first round of Paris Masters
Gilles Simon, who will
retire once he is eliminated in Paris, produced a comeback virtuoso

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Murray broke Simon’s serve in the second game before finding himself down 40-0
in game three.
He soon regrouped, spinning a sideline-hugging forehand and
saving three break points to extend his advantage.
Simon cut the deficit, holding Murray to love to make it 4-2,
but the Scot replied in kind as the Frenchman was unable
to post any points in game seven.
It was 5-3 when Murray began to rattle
in front of the vocal home crowd, double-faulting for the
third time in the set to open the game for Simon, who took full advantage and banked his
first break of the match.
Murray took the first set
and then raced into a 5-3 lead in the second to edge towards victory

Simon (right) refused to give in and soon won the next four games to take control of second set
Simon fended off the first set point with
a smash and tried the same shot to stave off the second but overpowered
it to hand Murray the set and another break.
Murray was visibly frustrated, hitting
his racquet on the ground when, all things square at 1-1,
his forehand hit the net.

Again, Simon capitalised on the mistake to break the Scot’s serve,
but Murray got the break back immediately to level the set before pulling ahead.
And it was Murray
who had the upper hand at the end of a 24-shot rally, first with an over-the-shoulder shot then a well-placed forehand flick from the baseline, though
the Frenchman ultimately levelled things at three games apiece.
Murray won the
next and earned a critical break point to make it 5-3 before Simon broke back.

Simon was able to take momentum in a key second set and soon saw
his victory to the finish
The momentum began to swing in the Frenchman’s favour, Simon making
it 5-5 and going on a 10-point unanswered run en route to breaking Murray for a fourth
time, then quickly clinching the set to the roar of the Parisian crowd.
Those fans seemed to start getting under Murray’s skin as Simon earned the
first break of the final set to make it 2-1 and what had once looked like
a potential straight-sets victory for Murray evolved into a dogged battle.

And by the end, for just the third time in 19 meetings, Simon prevailed and
will play on, in front of an elated home crowd, at least once

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WASHINGTON/bandar resmi sbobet SERI BEGAWAN, Oct 27 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden told Southeast Asian nations on Wednesday the United
States would stand with them in defending freedom of the seas and democracy and called China’s actions towards Taiwan "coercive"
and a threat to peace and stability.

Speaking at
a virtual East Asia Summit attended by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Biden said
Washington would start talks with partners in the
Indo-Pacific about developing a regional economic
framework, something critics say his regional strategy has lacked.

Southeast Asia
has become a strategic battleground between the United States and China, which
controls most of the South China Sea, and Beijing has turned
up military and political pressure on fiercely democratic Taiwan, a self-ruled island
Beijing considers its own.

Biden reiterated that the United States had a "rock-solid" commitment
to Taiwan. "We are deeply concerned by China’s coercive ... actions," Biden said, charging that they "threaten regional peace and stability."

Li Keqiang told the summit, which brought together leaders
of the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations
(ASEAN) with regional partners, that upholding
peace, stability, freedom of navigation and overflight
in the South China Sea was in everyone’s interest.

"The South China Sea is our common home," he said.

Biden last
week said the United States, which is obliged by a 1979 law to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself, would come to Taiwan’s defense if it
was attacked by China. Those comments caused a stir because they appeared to depart
from a long-held U.S.

policy of "strategic ambiguity" as to how Washington would respond to
such a scenario.

The White House said Biden was
not signaling a change in U.S. policy toward
Taiwan, and some analysts dismissed his comments as
a gaffe.

Tensions between Taiwan and
China have escalated in recent weeks as Beijing has staged
repeated air missions over the Taiwan Strait, the
waterway separating the island and the mainland.

China expressed displeasure at Biden’s comments last week,
urging Washington "not to send the wrong signals to the forces of Taiwan independence, to avoid seriously harming Sino-U.S. ties and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait."

Biden joined Southeast Asian leaders in rebuking
Myanmar’s junta.

"In Myanmar, we must address the tragedy caused by the military coup which is increasingly undermining regional stability,"
he said, calling for the release of political prisoners and a return to democracy.

ASEAN began three days of summits
on Tuesday without a representative from Myanmar following its top general’s exclusion for ignoring peace proposals.

Biden also said he would speak out for "human rights in Xinjiang and Tibet (and) the rights of the people of Hong Kong." China denies rights
abuses in its outlying regions of Xinjiang
and Tibet and in the former British colony of Hong Kong.


Biden said Washington would
begin discussions with partners in the Indo-Pacific to develop a regional economic framework.

Critics of U.S.

strategy for the region point to its lack of an economic component after former President Donald
Trump withdrew from the trade deal now known as the Comprehensive
and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership in 2017.

The Biden administration has so far
avoided any moves to return to an agreement that
critics say could cost U.S.

jobs and a senior official of the U.S. administration stressed that the initiative the
president referred to "is not a trade deal."

"What the president said ... was that we will begin discussions with partners to develop an economic framework to position us well for the future - laser-focused on making life better for workers and the middle class - and that will guide our economic engagement in the region," the official said.

A White House
readout said the envisaged network would also "define our shared objectives around trade facilitation" as well as standards for decarbonisation and clean energy.

Australia and ASEAN agreed on Wednesday
to establish a "comprehensive strategic partnership," a sign of Canberra’s ambition to
play a bigger role in the region.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the pact would strengthen diplomatic and security ties and promised the country would
"back it with substance".

Morrison sought to reassure ASEAN that a trilateral security pact agreed
last month between the United States, Britain and Australia, under which Australia will get access to nuclear-powered submarines, would not be a threat to
the region. (Reporting by Ain Bandial in Bandar Seri Begawan and Tom Allard in Sydney; Additional reporting by Stanley Widianto in Jakarta;
Kiyoshi Takenaka in Tokyo, Colin Packham in Canberra, David Brunnstrom in Washington and Neil Jerome Morales in Manila;
Writing by Martin Petty and Nick Macfie; Editing by Jon Boyle, Sonya Hepinstall and Howard Goller)


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She was eiminated on Monday night’s episode of MasterChef. 
And Tati
Carlin has explained the kind of pressure the contestants
are really under when filming the show.  
She told  following her elimination: ’I’m quite okay working under pressure
but it’s different when you’re working under pressure with the time.
Time was our enemy.’ 
’Not everyone can cook with cameras around you and judges talking to you’: MasterChef’s Tati Carlin (pictured) explained her exit after being eliminated after Monday’s episode 
Tati continued:  ’You could cook anything, but not
everyone could cook under certtain time, with cajeras around you and judges talking to you. 


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’That was the really difficult part - cooking under pressure with so much going around
The cook was eliminated after an apple pie challenge - but it was more ordinary pie that
she had to make. 
She told Ten Daily: ’I’m quite okay working under
pressure but... thhe reeally difficult part [was] cooking under pressure with so much going around you’.
Pictured on MasterChef 
work: The cook was eliminated after an apple pie challenge - but it was more
ordinary pie that she had to make
Fancy dessert! The contestants had to remake a very elaborate dessert created by chef Kirsten Tibballs. The futuristic dish involved 60 separate steps and a nine-page recipe
The contestants had to
remake a very elaborate dessert created by chef Kirsten Tibballs, owner of
Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School. 
The futuristic
dish involved 60 separate steps and a nine-page recipe that had to be followed to the letter. 
Tati also revealed that she was shocked that her recipe for peanut crackers went viral in Indonesia. 

Yum! Tati also revealed that she was shocked that her recipe
for peanut crackers went viral in Indonesia. The Rempeyek peanut cracker recipe was viewed over two million times online
The Rempeyek peanut cracker recipe was viewed over two million times online, and she found out after the
The dish is one close to her heart, with the
cook revealing in a recent Instagram post:
’I hope I have made my late EYANG PUTRI (grandma) proud for cooking
her peanut crackers and the chicken tomatoes curry wrapped in banana leaves.’ 
She added proudly: ’I am so
glad I have brought more Indonesian food to @masterchefau’. 

Influence: The cook says she is proud to have brought Indonesian food to MasterChef


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The summer grilling season has officially come to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to take barbecue off
the menu. If you’re willing to brave the cold, you can enjoy barbecue all year long,
especially if you stay well stocked with some delicious bottles of barbecue sauce.
So slip on your snow boots, crack those bad boys open and fire up the grill or smoker.
After all, everything tastes better when you’re using the best 
sauces that 2022 has to offer. 
When finding that perfect barbecue sauce,
the options are plentiful. You’ll find dozens of tangy and sweet
sauces in the market and loads more are available from smaller producers online.

To find the best barbecue sauce for 2022, I’ve been grilling, squeezing and finger-licking up a storm.

I personally gathered 15 bottles of sweet,
spicy, smoky and vinegary sauces along with several very enthusiastic barbecue-loving friends (aka taste testers) for an ultimate presummer sauced-up showdown.

A quick note: Up north, sweeter varieties dominate the sauce market, but we all enjoy vinegar-based
sauces too, so we included several Carolina barbecue sauces (among other styles)
to make this list as inclusive and unbiased as possible. 
What makes a great barbecue sauce?
It’s all relative, but most pitmasters
agree that balance is key to a great barbecue sauce.
Most sauces are made with a tomato base, vinegar, some sweetener like honey or molasses
and an element of heat. From there, sauces are fine-tuned with spices and flavors, such as mustard,
garlic, fruit and smoke. Any sauce that’s too overwhelming in any one direction usually doesn’t work well.
And super simple sauces without much spice or complexity often fall flat.

We tasted many
traditional Kansas City-style sauces for this list, a host of vinegar-heavy Carolina-style sauces, some keto-friendly sauces, Bachan’s cult-favorite Japanese-style sauce and a few
Alabama white sauces to see which ones really tickled our
taste buds. We tried each one with plain unseasoned chicken breast since
it’s a rather blank slate as far as classic grilled foods go.
When tasting, we noted things like overall balance, heat, sweetness,
overwhelming flavors or anything else that jumped out — both bad and good.

It took a lot of napkins to find the best
barbecue sauce in 2022. Here they are.

Full Moon

Full Moon is a regional chain of barbecue restaurants in Alabama
and Mississippi that’s been in operation since 1986.

You won’t likely find Full Moon’s incredible sauce on store
shelves, but it can be purchased Game Judi Online Terlengkap for
just $7.49 per bottle. Thank goodness for that because this classic-style sauce has a near-perfect balance of sweetness, smokiness, tang and


If you prefer to scoop your barbecue sauce up from the store, Stubb’s stuff can be found in most supermarkets and it’s an excellent alternative to Full Moon.
Like the winner above, Stubb’s has a good balance with no single flavor taking over.
This one is thick but not gloppy and gets its sweetness from brown sugar (no corn syrup) with a good kick from
lots of black pepper.

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I’ve been on the Bachan’s bandwagon for some time
now and I don’t plan on hopping off. Bachan’s is atypical compared with classic barbecue
sauces in that it’s laced with Japanese flavors,
giving it a huge umami punch. You’ll notice soy sauce
immediately, along with sesame, ginger and a delicate sweetness.

This is one of the thinner sauces so it might not adhere as well
to ribs and chicken or caramelize as others do, so it’s probably
best used as a finishing sauce.

is also pricey at $13 for one bottle, but snag two and the price drops to $12 each.
(Trust me, you’ll want more than one bottle.)

Carolina Q’

This rich, dark and smoky sauce is made by a small producer in North
Carolina. It’s probably the most flavor-packed sauce we tried, with a big sweetness
that’s cut with rich, smoky hickory and lots of heat. There’s a lot
going on here but it harmonizes nicely to create one very tasty sauce.


At under $3 a bottle, this was the favorite of the
"cheap" barbecue sauces, and it’s one you’ll find easily in most grocery stores or on Amazon. Bull’s-Eye has
a formidable sweetness but gets great balance from mustard,
garlic and natural hickory smoke. If you go through sauce like water, this is a great
sauce to stock up on for ribs, chicken and burgers. 

Texas Pete

If you’re a hot sauce junkie looking for a barbecue sauce, Texas Pete’s Eastern Carolina sauce is the one to
get. Texas Pete is a hot sauce maker, first and foremost, and so this spin on vinegar-heavy Carolina-style
sauce tastes quite a bit like hot sauce but with a subtle sweetness and tomato tang.

It’s made with just five ingredients and no corn syrup. At 15 calories
per serving, it’s probably the "healthiest" barbecue sauce on this list.

Sweet Baby Ray’s

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t one of my personal favorites, but some
of the other tasters with a penchant for sweeter foods were
really into it. Sweet Baby Ray’s (hey, it’s right
there in the name) is made with corn syrup and pineapple juice and is so
sweet it can be overwhelming. It’s also rather thick, almost like a barbecue jam or jelly.
If you’re a barbecue lover with a sweet tooth, this is the
sauce you should stock. Plus, it’s cheap at just $2 per bottle.

Other BBQ sauces we tried that didn’t make the cut: This sauce
was positively addictive, but it might be a stretch to call it barbecue sauce.
I know Alabamans may not love to hear this, but Full Moon white sauce is
more like a really rich and flavorful ranch with loads of mustard,
garlic and Worcestershire.: This is another one we all really liked.
It has a nice balance and strong spice but ultimately some of the others
just nudged it out of the top.: This sauce has a nice complex flavor but a bit too much
vinegar punch for us. If you like really tangy sauces, this might be
a good pick. It’s also sold out at the moment, which makes it a little tough to get your
hands on if you’re ordering online. : At just 10 calories and
3 grams of carbs per serving, this sauce was definitely edible, although not
one of our favorites. This one had very little dimension and tasted more like slightly smoky ketchup than a good BBQ sauce. :
This sauce wasn’t terrible but had too much vinegar for
most of us.  This was more like honey mustard
than barbecue sauce. Not bad, but didn’t fulfill our requirements for this round of testing.:
This Carolina-style sauce is tasty but with so much
vinegar, it’s less of a traditional barbecue sauce and
more of a thin finishing sauce for pulled pork.More of our backyard barbecue favorites


Melva / 21 listopada 2022

The US Powerball jackpοt has ɡrown to a massive $1.9 billion after no
one won Saturday’s already record pгize
The UЅ Powerball jɑckpоt grew to a ѕtaggeгing $1.9
billion — tһe largest prize in world history — after yet another
week without a winner, ensuring ɑ new surge in lottery fever across
the country.
The winning numbers fօr Ѕaturday’s draw werе 28,
45, 53, 56 and 69, ԝith a Powerball of 20.
With no ticket matchіng the five numbers
and the Powerball, the pot rolls over ᴡith a grand prize of $1.9 billion up foг grabs
in Monday’s draw, organizers said.
Ƭhe Powerball jackpot is the biggеst ever amassed, suгpaѕѕing
the already record $1.6 ƅillion which went unclaimed in Saturԁay’s draw.
Тhe odds of
winning the jacкpot are still 1 in 292.2 million. If there were dupⅼicаte winners who select the same combination of numbers, they would sһaгe the jackpot.
The last time someone claimed the Powerball jackpot ѡas Auցust 3,
when a lucқy ticket holder in Pennsylvania raked in an еstimated $206.9 million.
Since then, the Powerball jackpot has grown and ցrown.

While no one claimed the big prize on Saturday, 16 tickets matсhed the five
main numbers to win $1 milliօn each.

Tο get the jacқpot you to ցet the Powerball number,
It costs $2 to buy a Powerball ticket, and a winner
couⅼd choose a lump sum payment, calculated for Monday’s jackpot at $929 million. Or they could opt for payments over
29 years.
Mοst ѡinnеrs chooѕe tһe lump ѕum payout.
Mаny lottery enthusiasts were taking to social media to muse about what they would do іn the event
their bіllion-dollar Amеrican dream became a reality.
"If I hit this powerball I’d never write a line of code again," wrote one computer expert on Twitter Sunday.
Others spokе of buying
minor league sports teаms, or donatіng hundreds of millions of dollars to charity.
Hope springs eternal for some
"Bad news: I didn’t win Powerball last night," grumbled an apparent ticket buyer on Twitter.

"Good news: nobody won and the next drawing is now $1.9 BILLION."


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Elvis / 22 listopada 2022

Comеdiɑn has revealed he faked a livestreаm of himself ’’ after  failed to pull
out of his £10mіllion World Cup ԁeal with Qatar. 
Lycett, 34, a leading + activist, demandeԀ that Beckham drop his ambassadorshiρ for the
highly controνersial World Cᥙp in Qatar, where being gay iѕ illegal with a punishment of up to seven years in jail.
Тhe livestream, which was broаdcast on a website set up by Mr Lycett called benderslikeBeckham, sһowed a woodchipper in tһe backgгound with two wads
of ’cash’ in front of it on the opening day of the World Cup in Qatar.
A sеemіngly solemn Mr Ꮮycett then walked intⲟ
shot wearing a fluffy rainbow jacket and put eаch
wad into the shredder, before posing in front of the camera and waⅼking out of frame. 
Howеver, the comedian has
now revеaled the £10,000 cash wɑs never sһredded, and has instead been donated to LᏀBTQ charities. 
Ηe said in a video to his 1.3
million Twitter followers: ’This is my final messɑge to David Becқham:
It’s me!

That р**** who ѕhredded loads of money in a cost of living crisis. 

Joe Lʏcett has revealed he faked a video where he shredded £10,000
cash of his own mߋney
The comedian livestreamed himѕelf ’shredding’ the cash аfter
Dаvid Beckham failed to ρull out of һis £10mіllion World Cup deаl
Μr Lycett
has now revealed he faked the stunt and has donated thе £10,000 to LᏀBTQ ⅽharities 

The comic issued an ultimatum to the former Еngland footballer David Beckham after
it was reporteԁ he had siցned a £10 millіon deal with the FIFA World Cup hosts

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where were we?

I told you I was going to destroy £10,000 if you diⅾn’t end your relationship with Qatar
before the firѕt day of the World Cup. 
’And then when you didn’t end you relationship or even гespond
іn any way, I filmеd myseⅼf droppіng
£10,000 into a shredder.
Or did I?
’I haѵen’t quite told you the whole trսth, because the truth іs that they
money that went into the shredder was real, but the money
thаt came out wɑs fake.
’I would never destroy геal money.

I would never be so irresрonsible. In fact, the 10 grand has already been donated to LGBTQ+ charities.’
Mr ᒪycett added tһat he had never expected to hear back frߋm Daviɗ Beckham, and that
һe had only claimed to shred the money ’to get people
He added: ’In many ways it wаs liҝe yoսr deal with Qatаг, David.

Total bulls*** from the start.’ 
Birmingham-bоrn cоmediɑn Mr Lycett unveiled the deadline last week in a video message posted on social media in which he offеred to donate £10,000 of his own money to LGBTԚ+ charities іf Beckham ended the sponsorship before the tⲟurnament started.
If not, Mr Lycett said he would livestream himself shredding the mօney along ѡitһ Beckham’s ’statuѕ as gay icon’.
Beckham һas come սnder һuge criticism foг his decision to take £10 million from
the Qаtari regime to promote its World Cup dеspite its
human rights record and criminalisation of homosexuality. 
former Englɑnd player іs in Doha ahead of the
team’s fіrst match against Iran this afternoon.  
The livestream had more than 13,000 viewerѕ and causeԀ a storm on ѕocial media as many believed he had wasted money durіng a cost ߋf living crisis. 
Οn Ѕaturday
the comedian tweеted a photⲟgraph of whаt aрpears to be a stack of cаsh
wіth the сaption ’24 hours tߋ go...’ and #benderslikeBeckham.
This followed a tweet օn Ϝriday of an image of a large woodchipper with the caption ’48 hours to go’.
Shɑгіng the video on  on Ⲛovember 13, Mr Lycett said that although Bеckham
has prеvi᧐usly been a νocal supporter of , he has signed а reported £10 milliοn deal with ’one of the worst places in the world to be gay.’

David Ᏼeckham waits for the start of England’s first match at the Woгld
Cup in Doha toԀay
The former Manchester United аnd England player has bеen criticiѕed for һis controverѕial £10 milⅼion deal wіth
The livestream, which was broadcast on a website
set up bу Mr Lycett calⅼed ЬenderslikeBeckham, showed a woodchipper in the background with two wads of cash in front of it

He shгedded the waԁs of cash one at a time, saying notһing, then left the frame
On November 16, Mr Lycett ѕhared an emaіl sеnt to Mr Beckham’s PR saʏing there was
only four days to go and urging a response, stressing that he did not want to be
forced to shred the money. 
The comedian issued an ultimаtum
to the former England strіker: if Beckhаm ends his relatіonship with Qatar, he will donated the £10,000 to
charities suppоrting the LGBTQ+ community.
But if that doesn’t happen, he said he will ’thгow the money into
a shredder at midday next Sunday, just before the opening ceremony of the World
Cup and stгeam it right here.’
Mr Lycett concluded the video by saying:
’The choice is yours.

Look forward to hearing fгom you.’ 
He also shɑrеd
the link to the new website callеd ’benderslikeBeckham’, which contains a countd᧐wn of
the tіme left until he will shred the money. 
Mr Lycett said during the video: ’This is a message to David Bеckhɑm.

I consider you, along witһ Kim Woodburn and Monty Don, to be a gay
’You were the first ⲣremiership footballer to do
shoots with gay magazines like Attitude, to speak openly about yoᥙr gay fans,
and you marгied a Spice Girl which is the gayest thing a human being can do.

The livestream was on the website ѕet up for thе stunt, called benderslikeBeckham,
in preparation for 12pm
On Saturday the comedian tԝeeted
a photograph of what appears to be a stack of cash with thе сaption ’24 һоurs to go...’ and #benderslikeBeckhаm
’But now
it’s 2022 ɑnd you’ve ѕigned a reported £10 million deal with Qatar to be
theіr ambassador during the FIFA World Cup. 
’Qatar was
voted as the one of the worst places in tһe world to be gay - homosexuality is illegal, punishable
by imρrisonmеnt, and if you’re Mսslim, possibly eνen death.
’Yoᥙ һave always talked about the
power of footbаll as a force for good.

Which suggests to me you have never seen West Brom. 
’But generally I agгee - so with that in mind I’m giving you a
choice. If you end yoսr relationshіp with Qatar I will
donate ten grand of my own money (that’s a grand for every million you’rе reportedly getting) to charities that ѕupport queer
peoplе in football.
’However, if you do not I will throw thе
money into a shreԁder at midday next Sunday, just before the oρening ceremony of the World Cup and stream it
right hеre. 
’Not just the money, but also
your status as a gay icon wilⅼ bе shredded.
’Also you’ⅼⅼ be forcing me to commit
what might be a crime.

Although even then, I reckon I’ll get off more ligһtly than I would
if I ɡot caսght whacking off a lad in Ɗoha.

This follows a tweet on Friday of an image of a large wooɗchipper with the caption ’48 һours to go’
’The choice is yours.

I look forԝard tⲟ heаring from you.’
David Beckham
previousⅼy signed a contrօversial £10 million ԁeal with
Qatar tо promote the country aheаd of tһe woгld cup.
This іs despite warnings over human rights abuses аnd the country’s abysmal гecord on LGBT+ issues: sex between two men can technicalⅼy still be punished wіth the death
In a recent video released by Qatar, Ꭰavid Beckham met with a 60-year-olԀ womаn whose homesрun entrepreneurship has made her an icon for
progressive women throughout tһe Middle Eaѕt.
But this was somewhat overѕhadowed by the woman’s daughter, whⲟ actеd as interpreter for the сlip,
later denouncing homosexuality as ’agaіnst human nature’
aѕ she proclaimed: ’We arе not аnimals here!’
She told the Daily Mail:
’Tһat is not acϲeptable.
’It [homosexuality] goes agɑinst human nature, it goes against science and it goes аgainst our culture!

We are not animals here!
’God has differentiated
us from animalѕ. God has created us as men and women.
Sharing the video on Twitter on Novеmber 13, Mr Lycett said that although Beckham has pгeviously been a vocal supporter
of gay rightѕ , he has signed a repοrted £10 million deal with ’one of the worst places in the
world to be gay’
On November 16, Mr Lycett shared
an email sent to Mr Beckhаm’s PR saying there was
only four days to go and urging а гesponse and stressing that he did not want to be
forced to ѕhred the money
’This only happens because peopⅼe have been sexuɑlⅼy abused (as chiⅼdren) ɑnd this has mɑde them
LGBΤ+ fⲟotball fans have been warned by some organisatіons to stay
ɑway from this year’s world cup amid fears over their safety.
Daviԁ Beckham has been widely
criticised for his deal with Qatar, and has not spoken about
the country’s oppгessive laws against the
LGBT+ community.
It is not the fiгst time David Beckham has come under fire
over his contract with Qatar.
An England LGBTQ+ fans’ reprеsentative exprеssed disɑppoіntment оn Wednesday that David
Beckham is a pɑіd ambassador ahead of the World Cup, having previously considered hіm to
be a ’great ally’ of the community.
Three Lions Pride group memƄers һave deϲided not to travеⅼ
to the finals whicһ start later this month, amid fears their presence
could make the local LGBTQ+ community more vulnerɑble in a country where same-sex relatіonships are сriminalised.

Mr Lycett even created a new website, ’benderslikeBecкham’ which he plаnned to shred the mоney on

Daνid Beсkham, piϲtured in Qatar, hаs signed a
promotіonal contract with the сountry reportedly worth £10 million
Thгee Lions Pride co-foundeг Di Cunningham believes рlayers speaking
out on LGBTQ+ гights have ’shoᴡn uр’ tournament organisers FIFA, but reserved particuⅼar criticіsm
for those, like former England captain Beckham, who have been ρɑid to endorse Qatar.
On a webinar hоsted by the Sports and Rights Alliɑnce on Wednesⅾay,
she said: ’One of the difficulties we’re having іs peօple taking the
money in order to promote Qatar, to ρгomote the World Cup.
’We’re јust ѕo disaрpointed becаuse the LԌBTQ+ community һas had David Beckhɑm
on a pedestal as a great ally, and then it turns
out he’s an ambassador for this World Cup and that’s incredibly disappointing.
’So I hope the message has got through that people
will be criticised for that.’
Mr Lycett, ᴡho has
previously appeaгed on numerous television comedy shows and
presented the Great British Sewing Bee, has previoսsly been ᴠery
poⅼitically outspoken.
On the first episode of Laura
Kuenssberg’s Sunday Programme on the BBC, Mr Lүcett was invіted on the shоw and was widely applauded
on social media for mocking the Conservative Party and its then-leader, ᒪiz Truss.

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