Oxfam analysis of the Poznan Conference outcomes

“An ambitious deal in Copenhagen is still possible, and is needed more than ever.”

The conference in Poznan was meant to be a key milestone between the start of negotiations in Bali last year and their conclusion at Copenhagen next year. But it has exposed a shameful lack of progress. By Poznan, developed nations (Annex 1) were meant to have submitted proposals on emissions reductions, finance and technology; they have failed to do so. They have tried to delay, shift the blame, and in the case of Canada, renege on their climate change obligations.

In contrast, many of the developing countries came to Poznan with clear proposals, a willingness to show flexibility, and, in the case of countries such as South Africa, Mexico and China, national action plans to reduce climate emissions.

An ambitious deal in Copenhagen is still possible, and is needed more than ever, but it will need far more rapid progress than over the past year. Specifically, it will need Annex 1 countries to come to the negotiations early in 2009 with far more political will and flexibility in negotiations.

The only area of progress in Poznan was on adaptation. In response to the recognition that climate change is already impacting on the lives of millions of people, the conference agreed to start up an Adaptation Fund. However, after exhaustive negotiations, the developed countries rejected the strong push for additional funds. This was condemned vehemently by developing counties, citing the urgent needs of vulnerable people suffering from a crisis they did not cause.

The following provides an overview of the Poznan negotiations and what is needed to reach Copenhagen with the required preparation and political will.

There was no agreement on a long term goal to avoid dangerous impacts of climate change…

Setting the long term goal

A deal in Copenhagen will need a goal to keep global warming well below 2°C…

Emissions Reductions

Targets for emissions reductions were not agreed…

A deal in Copenhagen will need proposals by February and then expedited negotiations. Adaptation Finance

Developing countries failed to push through key measures to secure more adequate funding on favorable terms…

A deal in Copenhagen will need agreement on massively scaled up funding for adaptation.

There was no progress towards developing and sharing clean technology or finance…


Negotiations on avoided deforestation were held but are causing deep concern…

A deal in Copenhagen will need major changes to the draft agreement on deforestation…

The road from Poznan to Copenhagen

Progress has been slow over the past year and little has been achieved in Poznan ….

A deal in Copenhagen will need a step change in the level of urgency and political commitment

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