MDG Monitor Tracks Progress to Development Goals

On November 1, in the UN Head Quarter in New York, a pioneering online site tracking progress towards decreasing global poverty by 2015 (global campaign known as the Millennium Development Goals - MDGs) was launched.

MDG Monitor tracks progress toward the completing MDGs in number of categories in nearly every country in the world. The site presents the most current data from multiple sources in development bellwethers like public health, education and women’s empowerment. By laying out areas of progress and continuing challenge for the world to see, MDG Monitor aspires to keep the global community’s eye firmly fixed on the Millennium Development Goals, and to provide vital information for policy makers and development practitioners worldwide.

Further more Google, private sector partner of the project, enables more than 300 million Google Earth users to better understand the MDGs and what it will take to achieve them by adding short version of MDG Monitor web content. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined by UNDP Administrator Kemal Derviş, Cisco and Google representatives launched the project.

MDG Monitor is UNDP project created in cooperation with several UN agendas. Web creators hope, that MDG Monitor will soon be a credible and popular source of information on fighting poverty and completing MDG.

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