Let’s talk about food

Prezentujemy artykuł przygotowany przez uczniów i uczennice III Liceum Ogólnokształcącego po warsztatach dziennikarskich w ramach kampanii "Jedz lokalnie, myśl globalnie!".

In our school we spoke about importance of knowing our food and how long does it take from gathering fruits to having them on our plate. Thousands of kilometers between us and our food producent effects our environment. The concern is real and we discussed it on many occasions during our lessons on this project.

We were sharing this knowledge with fellow students on a special assembly organised by our school. Our special guest was Benjamin Lazar, the creator of Cracow Social Garden - a place when food grows organically without pesticides and it’s natural in every way. People working on this garden want to change grey blocks of big cities by planting edible plants and flowers to create not only a stable way to produce food, but also to encourage people to take care of them and learn about perks of green cities.

The same day in our school a very special student market was opened… Tables full with healthy salads, lunches and even pies made with locally grown food were waiting to show the tasty side of the problem.

The crucial question is where can we buy products of our need ? The question is answered by farmers in Targ Pietruszkowy (farmers market) in Cracow, a place where people can get food straight from local farmers.

Three principles are guiding them :

fot. III LO w Krakowie

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