Improvement of water supply for Palestinian schools

Project "Improvement of water supply for Palestinian schools" implemented by Polish Humanitarian Organisation in Bethlehem District, using the funds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, foresees construction of water storage tanks with adequate water treatment plans in three schools in Beit Sahuor, Al Ubeidyah and Nahaleen respectively. The main problem that the schools struggle with is the scarcity of potable water and of irrigation water for green areas. The majority of schools have access to water supply network developed by Israeli company Mekorot, yet water is supplied only during two or three days a week.

The project is composed by the following elements:

* Construction of rainwater storage tanks:

The tanks have the capacity of 90 cubic metres each. In that region the average rainfall is estimated to be between 300-400 millimetres per square metre and possible catchment areas measure around 400 square metres (counting school’s roof and surroundings).This means that in each location it will be possible to collect and store up to 90 cubic metres of water. It will be then used as a potable water as well as irrigation water for green areas and gardens.

* Construction of grey water (dish, shower, sink and laundry water) treatment plants:

The treatment plants of ground water have the capacity of 1 to 2 cubic metres of grey water a day from one school. These treatment plants neither need maintenance, nor they have to be operated by specialists, and what is more the purifying process does not involve any energy usage.

* Green areas and school gardens:

School gardens are extremely important for Palestinian schools. They offer children a possibility to spend their free time in nicer setting, and they are also a means to improve the conditions of school’s surroundings, to protect children from illnesses, and to offer a possibility to carry out educational experiments in green areas. The design and creation of three school gardens within the above mentioned project will represent the contribution to the project received from local administration authorities. The estimated dimensions of the gardens are between 400 to 1000 square metres. The project also includes construction of irrigation systems, tree planting and seeding in each of the gardens. Water storage tanks and treatment plants of ground water will be the source for irrigation in each of the school gardens.

* Trainings and awareness rising:

The core part of the project is aimed at expanding of knowledge in the filed of problems related with water and environment. Trainings were organised and information brochures were handed in to pupils from grades 10-12.

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