Eurodad rapid response to the EU communication package on Aid effectiveness and the Monterrey process

The EC has just released a communication package that presents the EU position on Aid effectiveness, on the MDGs and on the Monterrey process on Financing for Development (FfD).1 Such a communication has been produced annually since 2003 and this year it aims to “position the EU and ensure that Member States are united in promoting a common vision for ambitious results on the Millennium Development Goals, aid effectiveness and financing for development”.

The following is Eurodad response to this communication package (particularly the FfD and the Aid effectiveness documents) on the aid, debt, capital flight and International Financial Institution issues we work on. The documents contain passages that are refreshingly frank and punchy considering their source and specialists on specific issues should read the relevant sections. This briefing gives a rapid reaction heads-up with the main sense of the contents and material that members and allies without time to read the documents can use.

Download documents:

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