Cross-sectoral meeting - Development Assistance - our common responsibility

Zagranica Group and Polish Green Network organised cross-sectoral meting "DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE - OUR COMMON RESPONSIBILITY" In the context of independent research conducted by the non-governmental organisations united in the Zagranica Group/Polish NGOs Abroad, in Warsaw, on 23 November 2007.

Meeting took place in Stefan Batory Foundation, Sapiezyńska Str. 10A.

The meeting agenda included:

* Development Policy Coherence - discussion connected with presentations moderator: Marcin Wojtalik/Zagranica Group, a coordinator of the ODA Monitoring Project, Jan Bielawski/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Co-operation Department, Aleksandra Antonowicz/Polish Green Network;

* Priorities - discussion connected with presentations moderator: Justyna Janiszewska/Education for Democracy Foundation, Agata Czaplińska/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Co-operation Department, head of Implementation Unit, Györgyi Blahó, Roland Kovats, Daniel Draxler/representatives of Hungarian and Slovak NGOs, Katarina Kovacova/Slovak Agency of Development Co-operation, Martin Náprstek/Institute of International Relations, Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

* Development Policy 2007-2013 - discussion connected with presentations moderator: Wojciech Tworkowski/Stefan Batory Foundation, member of the Zagranica Group Executive Committee, Paweł Bagiński/Global Development Research Group, Iryna Trokhym/West Ukrainian Centre "Women’s Perspective", Shodimurod Aloviddinov/Association of Development of Small Towns of Tajikistan "Vatanam".

The meeting has been organised thanks to the support of EAST-EAST Programme within the Zagranica Group project and the support of Presidency Fund within the Polish Green Network project.

The Polish ODA monitoring and publication of the report has been financed by Polish-American Freedom Foundation under the RITA - Region in Transition Programme, operated by the Education for Democracy Foundation.

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