Council’s report on EU-South Africa cooperation

The Council of the EU has published report entitled "South Africa-EU Agreement-Development Cooperation Report".

The Council has also published a report from the Development Cooperation Negotiating Group on the revision of the Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement.


The Cooperation Council Brussels, 24 October 2007 UE-ZA 4908/07


Subject : Report of the Development Cooperation Negotiating Group for the revision of the Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement

The framework for development cooperation between the EU and SA, as laid down in the TDCA, has proved an effective instrument to help in the fight against poverty and contribute to South Africa’s economic and social development. The EU’s financial and development commitment to South Africa has been reconfirmed with the adoption of a multi-annual programme for an amount of €980 million over the period 2007-2013. On the face of this, there was little need for a substantial revision to the development provisions of the TDCA.

Recent developments, including the adoption of a new financial regulation setting the legal basis for cooperation with South Africa (the "Development Cooperation Instrument"), called however for some amendments of a procedural nature. Other international developments like the adoption of the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness, the revision of Cotonou or the UN Millennium Summit also called for the introduction of minor modifications in the development cooperation provisions of the TDCA.

Against this background, the revision of the Development Cooperation provisions of the agreement has aimed to:

• introduce an article reaffirming the parties commitment to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and the Monterrey Financing for Development commitments; UE-ZA 4908/07 WS/chs 2 DG E II EN

• specify the operational procedures and provisions for implementation and monitoring of the development cooperation shall be set out in the Agreements and or contracts governing individual projects and programmes;

• introduce mention to joint programming documents agreed with EU Member States;

• bring wording into line with the new Financial Regulation for development cooperation.

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