Aid Watch workshop - story

18-19th of March took place in Kraków Aid Watch workshop organized by Polish Green Network within the Action for Global South programme. 19 people experienced in national development policy monitoring participants from Poland, Czech and Slovakia took part in the workshop. Three platforms – Polish, Czech and Slovak one – support the organization of the workshop and helped in mapping relevant participants.

The workshop actually had a formula of the working meeting, as all its participants have been working in the issue. It resulted in effective know-how sharing session, the discussion on the aid delivery systems being implemented in our countries as well as planning proccess aimed at mutual cooperation for the increasing the effectiveness of the ODA.

First day of the workshop was typically lectures day. Invited experts fulfill the agenda with the issues, such as: practical information on the functioning of the aid delivery systems, the schedule of bodies in charge of ODA, the reporting scheme of the national institutions implementing ODA (dr P.Bagiński, Global Development Research Group), ODA monitoring in “old” EU (Austrian example by Hilde Wipfel, Koordinierungsstelle der Österreichischen Bischofskonferenz für internationale Entwicklung und Mission), Aid Watch on European level – CONCORD report on EU ODA and possible input of the NMS (Jasmine Burnley, Aid Watch coordinator, CONCORD). The second day was totally in hands of the working groups.

As the workshop took place in Kraków, which is well known from its informal and friendly athmosphere, there was also many possibilities for gathering new contacts. The idea of working meetings brought a success – the direct effect of our work is opened the discussion list and plan to issue common summary describing all the three aid delivery systems. We believe it can help our decision-makers in creation more effectie and efficient proccess of planning and implementation of the ODA.

Below you can see the climate of the working meeting – feel invited for the future ones! Look for info on our webpage.


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