Africa - So Far Yet So Close in Łódź - April 24-26

Africa - So Far Yet So Close in Łódź by European Students Forum AEGEE Łódź.

1. Definition of a problem

The sixties were for Africa and its inhabitants the most important times in their completely young history. It was a period when more and more countries started opposing colonial dominance choosing independence as the most desiring step toward social and economic development. Next years showed that the independence was not an effective treaty but a change that caused a wave of dictators’ rules, territorial wars and economic disasters.

In 21st century, Africa is still a continent, which faces many terrifying problems like poverty, a lack of democracy, human rights abuses, underdeveloped institutional and economic structure, AIDS, and other diseases.

In order to understand these matters we need to familiarize with the reality of this place, realize what Africa was in the past, how this continent looks like now and finally try to see it in a bright light concerning the future.

2. Title

“Africa - So Far Yet So Close”

3. Organizers

European Students Forum AEGEE Łódź


The event is to be organized in partnership with such institutions:

- The City of Lodz Office
- University of Lodz
- Museum of Cinematography
- International Politics Working Group AEGEE Europe

More information:

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